Written Word


This is my collection of material that I've put up for public consumption. Some of it is embarassing, but mostly it illustrates...that I haven't really generated enough material, and that I clearly need to spend some time just creating material.

Consider yourself lucky, by the way, about the material that's here; I wrote a novel in high school, entirely on paper, and I was moving and going to throw it away. Someone told me I'd later regret it, so I kept it. A few years later I broke it out and read the first two or three chapters. They were so horrendous I immediately threw it away and never looked back.

Do I regret throwing it away?

Sort of. After all, it was a novel. But. It was bad. I mean bad. I mean really bad. You don't want to read it. You don't even want to know it existed.

Maybe I should try to rewrite it. Except that the plot just stank. There was no point.

So what's here is the stuff I've written since, that I think is at least shareable. You won't find any complete novels here, as I want to preserve my copyrights, but the first chapter or two might entice you. And I'll share material, privately, if I have more.

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