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Do You Believe?

When we met it was like a bang
went off in my head, in my heart
Deep inside I knew even while
I told myself we shouldn't start
How could I love someone
I just met yesterday?

in strangers in the night?
this will be all right?
in love at first sight?
Can this be true?

When we kissed it was like a spark
You and me there in the cold
We didn't care who was watching
We didn't care who they told
All that mattered to us
was what happened today

[chorus 2]
in strangers in the night?
this will be all right? ( read more )

Poetry in Motion

When I was young, there were nights I couldn't sleep
I would sneak into the dark, to places I shouldn't be
I would sit in quiet and contemplate myself
until the rising sun would ignite the distant sky

It's poetry in motion, an act of supreme will
Like a magic potion, or another fucking pill
I've got this silly notion, I've got to get away
Sail across the ocean, and see a different day

When I was young, there was nothing to make me whole
I would withdraw deep into myself like the wolf
I saw myself as a predator in the night
Living for myself, taking what I needed

[Chorus x 2] ( read more )



I wrote a few songs...just for grins. Nobody'll put them to music, though, so they languish.

Killer's Circle

This one is very, very old. It's not nearly as good as I thought it was at the time. I think, though, the story itself is pretty good and it can be fixed. But frankly I'm sick of vampires and don't see any point in doing so.

He awoke to the sound of a woman screaming. Out of a dream of great things and great places, he woke to nightmarish sounds. He came to his senses quickly, but by the time his feet were on the floor, the screaming had stopped. There was a movement downstairs.

Quietly, he slipped from the room. His back edged against the wall, hand one in front of another, afraid to look down. Light emanated up from the lower level, but still there was no sound. Down the stairs, quickly. A stair creaked, and he paused, heart racing. No sound answered. ( read more )

Chapter One

Kett Martin peered blearily at his computer screen. Today had been an exhausting day. It seemed that everyday was an exhausting day. In fact, Kett couldn't remember the last time he didn't feel exhausted.

It didn't seem that Kett had much reason to be exhausted. He exercised regularly but other than that his physical workout was limited to a flight of stairs leading up to his office. He only had to work a standard eight hours per day. In the evenings he would spend time with his friends, and on the weekends he would do his shopping and take care of the little things that had to be done to keep his home clean and presentable. ( read more )


"What do you think would be the worst way to die?" he asked calmly.

The boy looked at the old man, his eyes narrowed. The boy was just getting a little bit of dark scruff on his chin. "What I'm going to do to you, old man, when I get out of here."

The old man sighed and stood up, assisted by a walking staff. He shook his head and hobbled out, allowing the heavy wooden door to slam behind him. The screams of the frustrated youth went ignored for another day.

After what seemed an interminable time, the door opened again. This time no light poured through it, telling the boy that it was night. With painstaking slowness, the old man limped to the single wooden chair that he had, two days before, placed in front of the boy. ( read more )

Tommy's Story


The two men sat together in the cell, staring at each other. Whether it was a contest of wills or simply that they had nothing better to do was uncertain. It didn't really seem to matter much.

The first man was a big man. Not particularly tall, but broad at the shoulders, well built and heavily muscled. The other was very much the opposite. He was not imposing. In fact, he was very old, seemed shrunken, and quite frail. But there was life in his eyes, and he stared the younger man down as though a child.

They stared at each other for hours, without a word between them. Then 'lights out' came, and they spent the better part of the night staring. It seemed that the will of the younger man was beginning to crack. He yawned, rolled over, and went to sleep. ( read more )

Short Stories


This is my somewhat small collection of short stories available for public consumption.

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