Site Conversion

Posted by E Halsey Miles on March 1, 2006 - 5:52pm.

While it’s a very silly excuse, one reason the site has been inactive for the last 2 months is that I’d started an upgrade of the site to Drupal 4.7, and then discovered that Drupal 4.7 wasn’t quite ready. As I didn’t want to lose the changes I’d made, I just let things sit since updating the old site would not update the new site.

Well, I went ahead and threw away all the changes I made. But the site is now updated to Drupal 4.7, which doesn’t mean much to my few readers, but it does mean that I can use my cool posting tools (Right now it’s BlogJet — I will probably change back to Semagic when it becomes easier to change which blog I’m logged into. BlogJet makes that pretty easy; with Semagic it’s kind of a longer process).

As for the writing…yea, I know. Haven’t done much. On the upside, I’ve fleshed out a little bit more of the story I mentioned in my last blog entry.

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