Writing has Returned!

Posted by E Halsey Miles on September 21, 2005 - 10:17pm.

Things have changed from back burner to serious on Cracks in the Window and I now have a deadline on finishing it, at which point I will get a critique from an agent.

As exciting as this is, this is not the same thing as actually submitting it for publishing, but it does mean I get an agent (who is contracted by the authors I am most closely associated with) to critique at least a little bit of my work and provide positive feedback on making my writing publishable.

Leading into this I'm actually having someone else critique it in advance of the critique which seems to be, in programmer speak, many layers of abstraction, since none of these have the end result in having a publisher look at it.

In the meantime, I want to finish the novel before I edit it. I've set a mid-October deadline on finishing, which is just about 3 weeks away, and I have 7 chapters to write. By induction I must therefore write just over a chapter a week.

Tonight I got just shy of 2,000 words in; additionally I put 250 words toward a completely separate project which has an October 1 deadline. More on that one will be mentioned here later.

I feel good about the text I wrote tonight, though. Prior to writing tonight I went back and read the previous chapter, to get a feeling for where I'd last left off. In April. The first three or four page are bad, very shaky. The read very much like I was having trouble finding the words...and as I remember it, I was. Tonight I got a much better flow in, and hopefully when I go back and read this I will be happier with it.

In any case:
Completed: 2000 words (close enough) tonight.
Oct 15 goal: 21,000 words.
Remaining: 19,000 words.

Wish me luck! Or skill. Yes I would prefer skill!

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