Poetry in Motion

When I was young, there were nights I couldn't sleep
I would sneak into the dark, to places I shouldn't be
I would sit in quiet and contemplate myself
until the rising sun would ignite the distant sky

It's poetry in motion, an act of supreme will
Like a magic potion, or another fucking pill
I've got this silly notion, I've got to get away
Sail across the ocean, and see a different day

When I was young, there was nothing to make me whole
I would withdraw deep into myself like the wolf
I saw myself as a predator in the night
Living for myself, taking what I needed

[Chorus x 2]

When I was young, I thought I knew the truth
I would revel in this feeling no one else could know
But all that really matters is what I know now
You never really know until you sail that ocean.


The ocean is all mystery


The ocean hides every way


The ocean's where all ends will lay...

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