Creative Energy

Posted by E Halsey Miles on August 30, 2005 - 11:53am.

Right now my creative energy is taken up by a card game that I'm working on. There's a bit of writing involved, but not a great deal. But it is a similar kind of energy, so I feel as though I'm getting something accomplished.

The good news is that I have someone on the hook to publish it, so this is real if it turns out to be good enough. I've had one play-test session thus far, and it want really well. ( read more )

The Commentary Thus Far

Posted by E Halsey Miles on August 24, 2005 - 5:35pm.

I've received a small bit of feedback on the story, so far. It amounts to: ( read more )

Progress achieved!

Posted by E Halsey Miles on August 19, 2005 - 8:59pm.

While on the plane, I did manage to write the short story I'd been talking about earlier. I didn't immediately post it as it needed some editing, and I haven't had any time until I made some today. I have given it one editing pass; it may well need another, but it seemed to be in pretty good shape on the last read-through, so I'm going to call it done and be pretty pleased with it.

So here it is: An Unplanned Stop

A Lack of Activity

Posted by E Halsey Miles on August 16, 2005 - 9:28am.

I haven't written a thing this week. Not for lack of want, either; I specifically want to write a short story prior to a game I'm running in 2 weeks, but while I can come up with all kinds of chrome, I've the usual problem of: what to actually do.

A short story needs to have some kind of point, or message that it's getting across. Something to demonstrate, perhaps, or something interesting to tell about a character. I keep skirting around ideas, thinking they might be interesting, but every time I hit upon something I think is interesting, it ceases to be a short story, and that's far beyond what I'm trying to accomplish right now. So then I skip past it. ( read more )

Thinking isn't like doing...

Posted by E Halsey Miles on August 8, 2005 - 8:41am.

But at least it's closer!

I haven't had any free time to write, even on Altaia, this weekend. Between getting this website up, and my retool of, and some work I'm doing on a shadowfist site that I want finished before Gencon (which we leave for in 1.5 weeks), it just hasn't floated to the top of my todo list.

On the other hand, I have given some pretty serious thought to a few ideas I've had floating around. Which is both helpful and not. I do need to have something ready when I finish Cracks, but by the same token, I still have 7 chapters of that to write, and I don't want to get distracted and pick up another project before I have a completed novel under my belt. ( read more )


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