Entitled to Entitlement Issues

Posted by E Halsey Miles on May 16, 2009 - 8:52pm.

This is cross-posted from my LiveJournal, but I wanted to preserve it here since I'm kind of wearing my wannabe author hat.

Wow. Today is just my day to be disagreeable. I don't know why. Sure I'm a little cranky but I don't think it's just that. First I disagree that Star Trek was all that and a bag of chips (and I don't think it was bad but for me it just isn't Star Trek.) But this time it's a blog post I've read, which is apparently going around and being loudly applauded by many. Apparently it's changing some people's perspectives, and I'm actually a bit concerned about that. ( read more )

Dreaming the Twilight Zone

Posted by E Halsey Miles on March 12, 2007 - 9:02am.

Last night I dreamt something that could well have passed for a twilight zone episode. Of course, it contained a fair bit of Dream Logic, (which in my mind is that events immediately past and immediately future have no need for correlation at all, but it is convenient when they do so).

The main character of this dream was an older, but not quite greying man. He is a writer and a widower, and in the long years since his wife died he had spiralled down into despair. His writing reflected this, but his ability is such that he was heralded for his powerful imagery. ( read more )


Posted by E Halsey Miles on December 9, 2006 - 9:30pm.

I feel terribly guilty that I'm not using this site, after everything that went into it. But I haven't written anything at all lately. I've been pretty deep into, well, web work, and actually producing content is a different train of thought.

I have a few ideas here and there, but they never really progress far enough to actually be turned into anything. At best I've managed to write a little bit of documentation; but frankly, technical writing does a great job of hiliting most of my main weaknesses as a writer. Or at least, what I perceive as my main weaknesses as a writer.

I never did get around to working more on Cracks, either, which is quite unfortunate. I am still owed a review of a first 3, and now I'm thinking of just holding onto it. I have had an idea that goes along with something chatty and I were working on for an RPG, but I dunno. It'd be a pretty hefty project and I just don't have the time to invest into it unless I completely re-organize my priorities somehow. And that would mean divesting myself of a lot of my open source commitments to Drupal, and at the moment I don't foresee that. ( read more )


Posted by E Halsey Miles on May 4, 2006 - 1:12pm.

I think amazon is trying to tell me something. I went looking for Jim Butcher’s newest, because I really do like his stuff, and I looked in my gold box for years. It’s picking stuff up out of my Wish List; I’d put ‘Plot’ as something I wanted…years ago. Surprisingly no one’s ever gotten it for me as an amazon gift, despite it costing very little. Anyway, I figured I had to nab it since it was there.

It also gave me a free 3 month Amazon Prime subscription so now I feel compelled to buy some stuff while the shipping is free.

Site Conversion

Posted by E Halsey Miles on March 1, 2006 - 5:52pm.

While it’s a very silly excuse, one reason the site has been inactive for the last 2 months is that I’d started an upgrade of the site to Drupal 4.7, and then discovered that Drupal 4.7 wasn’t quite ready. As I didn’t want to lose the changes I’d made, I just let things sit since updating the old site would not update the new site.

Well, I went ahead and threw away all the changes I made. But the site is now updated to Drupal 4.7, which doesn’t mean much to my few readers, but it does mean that I can use my cool posting tools (Right now it’s BlogJet — I will probably change back to Semagic when it becomes easier to change which blog I’m logged into. BlogJet makes that pretty easy; with Semagic it’s kind of a longer process). ( read more )

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