What's the deal here?

So what's all this about, you ask? A very good question! The answers are actually not all that exciting, or interesting. Well, to you. To me, perhaps moreso!

First, this site is a bit of shameless self-promotion. As a creator, I find I have limits on how I focus my creativity. When my subconscious decides it really wants to work on X, and I feel I need to work on Y, well, therein we have a problem. I end up working on X and Y languishes. Or I work on Y and it kind of sucks because I'm working on X.

What does that have to do with self-promotion? Well, I find I can tweak my subconscious a bit by creating demand. Or at least trying to. You see, as a relatively self-absorbed guy, I find that I want to create things people will see. Write things people will read, create software people will use, do web pages people will click on, et cetera. Other people being excited about something I do pushes my own excitement forward and I get more energy that I can utilize on the project. So self-promoting is an attempt to focus a little energy.

It's also an attempt to separate and organize. As an author, I am distancing this persona, somewhat, from my more social persona. I'm relatively active on the internet (though less so than a lot of Internet Personalities) and therefore there is a decent group of people who know me. Of course, there's a much, much, much larger group of people on the internet who don't. That diversity is something I want to tap into; and for those people who don't know me, I am trying to separate out this persona and remove any preconceptions people may have. Also, I think E. Halsey Miles is a nice name for publishing.

Finally, I just think this site looks cool. I feel extraordinarily blessed to be acquainted with a friend who is both incredibly talented and amazingly generous with utilizing those talents for other people. He has an endless pile of projects to work on, for various reasons, and I feel like my stuff takes way more of his time than it ought. And since he created this for me, I've got to do my part to make sure it doesn't just sit in a corner, disused. That would be unfortunate.